Bidet Sprays / Shattafs

A hand-held bidet spray which can be fitted alongside squat or Western-style toilets。 It offers a more hygienic and compact alternative to traditional methods of cleansing (e。g。 lota) after using the toilet which allows users to deliver a controlled spray of water。

  • Available in brass or plastic
  • Includes flexible hose and wall bracket
     - Can be used as a hand-held bidet for personal hygiene (Istinja)
  • Allows you to control water flow
  • Supplied with stop valve to avoid constant water pressure and dripping
  • Optional time delay valve
  • Shattaf Premium Douche comes with premium chromed brass spray, hanger, hose and stop valve
  • Shattaf Regular Douche Set comes with regular adjustable spray, hanger, hose and stop valve


Often installed with a Retail Bathroom Mixer (TMV) so the water used for washing can be warm and comfortable.