The WuduMate Pillar Tap is designed for use with the alonebox.compact and/or WuduMate Classic, with a pre-mixed water supply and TMV (Thermo Static Mixing Valve). The quarter-turn on/off mechanism is located on the end of the spout, providing an easy to use and comfortable  control mechanism. There are two configuration options: the WuduMate Pillar Tap 180 and WuduMate Pillar Tap 120. Please see separate lisitng for Pillar Tap 120)

Featries include:-

  • The spout is positioned in the most comfortable position for those performing wudu.
  • The spout angle is poiting vertically downwards, meaning the position of the water landing on the WuduMate is unaffected by water high/low pressure.

Suitable for the following products:

WuduMate Classic

Spec Sheet: Pillar Tap 180 (square).pdf