Wall Mounted Taps

A functional and stylish tap designed to complement the WuduMate Modular。 The WuduMate Walled Mounted Tap has a robust 1/4-turn on/off mechanism, equipped with a 3。7 litre per minute PCA Neoperl aerator which balances the flow of water over a series of WuduMates。 The vertical drop from the tap, means the landing point of the water is unaffected by changes in water pressure, which helps ensure the water lands where it is meant to minimise splashing。 The extended 'nipple' of the WuduMate wall-mounted tap acts as a primary fixing for securing the WuduMate Modular in place and the increased thickness of the tap tube, takes into account that users may wish to steady themselves with the tap whilst performing wudu, or when standing up。 This tap comes as standard with every WuduMate Modular order, or can be supplied separately。

Suitable for the following products:

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Spec Sheet: Wall Mounted Tap.pdf