WuduMate Turkish Toilet  

In many countries it is customary to have a bidet spray inside the bowl of the toilet, which is operated by an on/off isolator valve located conveniently to hand on the wall.

Having the bidet spray nozzle located within the toilet bowl, has a number of benefits:-

Keeps water inside the bowl, thus reduces water splashing on the floor which can be both unpleasant for other users and a potential slip hazzard.

Inbuilt nozzle is more reliable than a handhelp spray the inbuilt nozzle cannot be stolen.

Order Code - WuduMate TT

Back Flow Preventer

In some countries incluidng the UK, building regulations exist which stipulate that a back-flow preventer is instaled in line to the bidet nozzle, to avoid the posibility of germs flowing back to the main water supply。 

WuduMate Order Code - WuduMate TT BFP 

Spec Sheet: Toilet with Bidet Spray (Turkish Toilet).pdf