Fort Dunlop In Birmingham

As a derelict storage warehouse, Fort Dunlop was approved for refurbishment in 2002. At one time it was the world’s largest factory, where over 3,200 people worked in the Dunlop factory out of over 10,000 on the total site (including the current car park which is due for development).

All these organisations have diversity and equality as a driver somewhere in their mission, but it is perhaps Birmingham City Council which feels it has the most direct connection to community building and social responsibility and contact was therefore initiated with various Diversity agencies in Birmingham。

It was decided to develop just a single prayer room to cater for about 1,000 people working on the floor, divided by a curtain to separate men form women as is customary. There are two rooms for ablutions though, one for males and one for females, each equipped with a number of WuduMates.

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