Royal Nawaab in Manchester

Royal Nawaab emphasis on preparing fresh food with the finest ingredients, the team of skilled chefs at Nawaab in Manchester go above and beyond to ensure that the hundreds of diners every night experience the finest halal cuisine.

Drawing on influences from India and Pakistan, the authentic cuisine is a huge favourite of the large and inscrutable local Asian community, who show their support by using the facility for large corporate events, parties and weddings.

Since opening in 2002 Royal Nawaab has been constantly looking to improve its facilities, and in 2015 a project was undertaken to refurbish the bathrooms leading to the banquet rooms。 It was decided as part of this project to provide an alternative to the washbasins being used for wudu, since these did not match the up-market image being portrayed by the rest of the restaurant。

WuduMate was soon identified as the leading supplier of appliances for wudu, and three WuduMate Modular units were installed upstairs next to the prayer room and the banquet rooms, two in the men’s area and one in the ladies area.  The contractor used by Royal Nawaab stated “I can tell you that the WuduMates were a lot cheaper to install than the tiled units we put in place downstairs” and I would recommend them”.

Nawaab is delighted with the response received following installation of the WuduMates, site manager Harri stated “if we had known about the Wudumate earlier, we would definitely have installed them downstairs as well!” He continued, “the installation has proved to be quick and inexpensive, and everyone who has experienced the facility has given positive feedback”.

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