北京赛车pk10投注 Ramadan is approaching, so another good reason to spend precious time with the family at home。

WuduMate is offering you an opportunity to install your own wudu khana using the WuduMate and for first time the WuduMate doesn’t need to be connected to the mains water or drainage, so NO PLUMBER IS NEEDED.

The WuduMate Mobile is the first portable, moveable Wudu appliance, just fill the water reservoir, wheel to a convenient location in your home and you and your loved ones can perform wudu safely and comfortably. 

The WuduMate Mobile is available at a fabulous 40% discount from its UK list price of £600 with FREE DELIVERY UNTIL RAMADAN. This is £360 (plus VAT) to your door.  To order, simply call 07493 584087 or complete the form below:-

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Limited to 1 per household, while stocks last. Delivery restrictions might apply to central London, the highlands and certain postcodes in Scotland. Conditions of sale


  • Compact, movable WuduMate with handle & wheels for moving from room to room
  • Retractable stool and bowl which can be pulled out for use, and discreetly stowed for storage or for wheeling elsewhere
  • A 14 litre upper reservoir which can be either be removed, taken to a waster source for filling or wheeled to a water source and filled with a hose
  • A 14 litre lower reservoir which can either be removed and carried to a basin/drain for emptying, or wheeled to a basin/drain and emptied with the internal pump and hose • A tap with 0.5 litre per minute aerator giving approximately 14 minutes running water for wudu before emptying/refilling
  • Ball valve controlled mains water supply and an outlet to mains drains for multiple units for events