Please click on the images below to view artist impressions for a range of projects involving the WuduMate products.

Plywood archway Muslim Foot Wash

This simple use of plywood to make an attractive archway could be very effective.

Wathu Khana for Women

This 5 Wudu position women’s ablution room is designed to compliment the ladies toilet area with mirrors and lighting, and a small step up to the washing unit which helped access the drains which were higher than required being on an upper floor. 

Muslim Foot Washing Room

This 5 Wudu position women’s  ablution area is equipped with attractive downlights and mirrors. These WuduMate Modulars have been set into the floor, so the back edge of the WuduMate is level with the tiles. When configured in this way, one seat pole and seat could have been omitted, which would have enabled wheelchair access directly onto the WuduMate Modular unit.

Large Wadoo Area

This 11 position men’s Wudu area is located opposite the toilet area, with attractive mirrors used to give an impression of an even larger room.

Wudu Ablution Station Mosque

A wudu ablution station at a mosque was retrofitted with the WuduMate-Modular to make more space for worshippers。

High-End Wudu Area Design

This high-end wudu area design incorporated large wall tiles, shadow gaps and WuduMate-Modular units to create a stunning proposal for a large, purpose-built mosque。

Muslim Prayer Room Design

A Muslim prayer room design required an adjacent area to be remodelled as a wudu area using the WuduMate-Modular.

Wudu Area for Women

北京赛车pk10投注 A proposal to accommodate a small number of women to do wudu at a mosque using the alonebox.compact.