WuduMate Brochure

WuduMate offers a range of unique, cost-effective appliances for safe, comfortable and dignified wudu in the home, workplace, mosque and when travelling. Click to download our WuduMate Brochure.pdf or call us on +44 (0) 1784 748080 for more details.

WuduClean for WuduMate Brochure

WuduMate has used its extensive experience of working in Muslim ablution areas to develop WuduClean - a comprehensive range of animal and alcohol free cleaning agents, and odourisers which have been specifically blended to combat the build-up of bacteria and unpleasant odours which are typically present in high usage ablution environments where normal detergents are less likely to be used. Click to download our WuduClean Brochure.pdf

Diversity Matters
Multi-Faith Room Provision in the Workplace

A Guide to Best Practice Multi-Faith Room Design for employers, property owners/managers, facilities managers, architects, building designers, specifiers, and interior designers. Click to download the Diversity Matters Brochure.pdf